Thank you for your heart to help

"The seasoning of your heart determines the flavor of your life, and God is a master chef."

"As endurance is the muscle of patience, compassion is the arm of love.”

"Laziness enslaves to do one harm. Building a house of lack with your mind, legs and arms."

"In a rich and fertile field, more fruit you will yield."

"What you make happen for others, God makes it happen for you."

"The seasoning of the heart determines the flavor of your life and God is a Master Chef."

"It’s better to have peace than to try to prove you’re right."

"The offspring of fear is haste and peace gives birth to patience."

"I am the Lord of the harvest not the seed but in the harvest is all you need. More to sow and more to feed."

"Selfishness is the opponent of love."

"When you accept yourself, you won’t need others to do it for you."

"When you get ahead of yourself, you will always stay behind."

"When we help the ones others pass by, we don’t have to hear God cry. And when you help those others say you don’t deserve it, God says well-done, good and faithful service."

"Humility with confidence can stand forever. Pride with confidence will fall together."

"Understanding is difficult for those unwilling to humbly stand under another."

"As with fear there is flight. With love there is help."

"Fire is kindled for the cold, lukewarm, stagnant and famished."

"Think on God’s will, not on your want. Now faith is, hope is for later, for these two abide our love becomes better. With faith, hope and love we face our Creator."

"Eternity is in your heart. Those you love will always have a life in you.
Silence is the universal language."

"An un-renewed mind is the arsenal of Satan."

"Necessity and imagination spawn creation."

“The seasoning of your heart determines the flavor of your life.”

“The fragrance of compassion is a sweet aroma to those in need.”

“It is better to experience the result of doing what’s right rather than
suffer the conse quences of doing what’s wrong.”

“Don’t through in the towel you need it to wipe your brothers brow.”

“Live and love to the full and don’t let hate deflate.”

“In order to be a successful teacher you’ve got to have class.”

“In order to be an effective doctor you need patience.”

“Ignorance is a slave master.”

“Flight is the reflex of fear help is the reflex of love.”

“As a mother responds to the cry of her child so love responds to a need
with a smile.”

“When you help those others say don’t deserve it God says well done good and
faithful servant and when you help those that others pass by you’re not the one
God asks why.”

“When you help another to succeed you’ll have some where to turn when you’re in need.”

“Silence is the universal language.”

“Understanding is difficult for those unwilling to humbly stand under Knowledge.”

“Endurance is the muscle of patience.”

“Experience is the teacher that determines the degrees in life one achieves.”

“The door of eternity is our heart Love is the Key that allows entry.”

“Those who eat at the table should consider those that prepared it.”

“Preparation breeds optimism.”

“Belief in the power of good brings us confidence to conquer evil.”

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