Thank you for your heart to help

Palm always seemed closed to it. Pinky seemed to let his size discourage him at times. Pointer was the visionary always showing us which way to go. Middle seemed to let the fact that he was always taller than everyone. Give him a prideful attitude. He could be very rude and obstinate at times. Index though he didn’t stick out when one of the others didn’t handle their responsibility he would do all he could to cover. Thumb motivated us to work as fist. The great thing about fist was, though he was stronger than all he would never fail to let each of us know he wouldn’t be who he was without all of us. We all get a hand for working together.


Beside the boulders pebble always felt small until one day from a cliff he did fall the lake below caught him and to his surprise the impact he made far exceeded his size waves wide and far reaching he could see no end touching lands and lives of so many men pebble soon realized there was much more to him he then understood how one looks does not count but the impact you make is what life’s about

The greatest joy two can bring to the earth is to celebrate life with the gift of new birth when a man girds himself with love for a wife together they give the gift of new life and this is what happens all over the world when the gift is given whether boy or girl. The sun shines much brighter to show he is pleased. The fragrance of flowers flows through the breeze enticing birds to sing from trees. Fruit has more nectar, bees don’t sting they invite you to taste the honey so sweet. The dew in the morning has a gentler touch and the whole earth cries out thank you, thank you so much!!

Some think Dove is fraile and weak tell me please how can this be, when the tallest tree is no match for me, and the sky is never out of reach, I rise each day with my friend to sing his name is the sun and he covers me, though I fly through the sky I live on earth in a meager nest designed for the birth of those once trapped in shells like me now soar through the heavens high and free. Can you just try to see it from my perspective.

I have a good friend we don’t always agree but we’ll always be friends he accepts me for me.Sometimes what he says may feel like rejection but later I find it was for my protection. A view from a friend not there to contend because in his heart he wants me to win, though love may not look or feel the same it proves itself when the friend remains loyal to help though we may not agree. My friend only wants whats best for me. Though love is challenged it always stands strong not in it to judge if I’m right or wrong. Your heavy heart he will help you bare, a friend is someone who will always be there. To cry on his shoulder when times are bad, then he’ll make you laugh and you’re no longer sad. He’ll give you a hug so you’re not alone. Love has stepped in to help you stand strong.

Who is the one you can expect to be there when you fall with a safety net. Who is the one with no rejection standing by your side for your protection. Who is the one that wont say yes when they understand for you no is best. Who is the one there to meet your needs Who’s the one? I think its me, JESUS

The fragrance of heaven flows from above, the sweet, sweet aroma of the fathers love alighting upon us like a dove. The fragrance of heaven kingdom love the past is behind us you said no more follow me through the open door of love forgiveness. Grace is strength, go forward in faith as you serve me, with the fragrance of heaven all around the walls of hate come crumbling down but I resurrect with my love you see and that’s how I woo all men into me. Some think kindness is weak but they’re so deceived because there is none like me, God’s Love.

I remember when I could run, walk, dance, leap, take a shower while on my feet, after dinner with the wife go up to bed strom the guitar before resting my head my life all changed on that akward day when my legs and arm would not obey. I found myself in a hospital bed told that I'd been shot in the head. I awakened from a short lived death Doctors thought it was my last breathe to their surprise GOD opened my eyes I remember when fear engulfed me when I realized how life could now be unable to walk my son by the hand to model outwardly how to stand I had to show him a strength within the kind that real men must stand in I vowed. I’d rise again one day and in my heart. God made a way that day has come to rise and shine. I may not walk but I touch the sky on the inside I stand so tall one day this body has got to answer God’s call to arise.

I have a father he gave life to me he’s passed but he’ll always be daddy tome sometimes he would come with a comforting touch to ensured me that he loved me so much. At times he would come firm and strong to correct me when I’d done something wrong I’d always put up such a fight but inside I knew he was right. I’d be so angry and tell my friends those friends now say I act like him. There’s a picture that hangs in the family den that lets me know how much I look like him where I go, what I do or what I try to be daddy will always be part of me, he carved our names in that big ole tree to let me know he’ll always be daddy to me.

We part the clouds and cleanse the sky we help the eagles soar on high even when we separate we stay connected all the way North, South , West, and East no one greater no one least loyal friends We are the wind. Lakes, streams, rivers are the same thats when water becomes the rain. Around the world a new day comes but light is only from one sun. it seems to me humanity needs this thing called unity. My strength to you yours for me together we can me likes need.

As clouds bring rain to cleanse the sky, pain, choice, loss cloud your mind then you cry. Washing away the debris of life, pain relieved your choice is right loss becomes gain. Love now has space the eyes of your heart see a bright new day the ears of your heart hear melodies dancing and singing now pure and free no more clouds of the mind your heart now shines bringing light and warmth to all mankind. Shine on shine on with a heart so bright shine on shine on light is in your eyes shine on shine on with the love of Christ

Its About Time
Sometime comes to take some things children, friends, parents, and wedding rings
Anytime is the place of forgiveness, peace Gods love and grace
Only time is a selfish thing, right now you cant share life with me.
My time is what I choose to give to help another in the life they live. Rhythms time is a special thing found in my heart beat melody.
Time is used to give or take.
Lets be on time for heavens sake

As we grow older innocence may depart to become a tenant in a young childs heart. The smile of a child gives the evidence that innocence is the resident eyes that are windows open wide not ashamed for others to look inside to see where innocence does abide. New life in Christ cleanses us from sin. That innocence may abide in us again purged inside no longer filthy once and for always declared not guilty

Have no fear for I am hear I have not given you the spirit of fear I bring courage to your life the spirit of power, love, and a sound, sound mind. Where I am fear cannot be just give me praise and you will see you've made a habitation for me. Don’t be afraid for I am here I haven not given you the spirit of fear open your eyes and you will see I have given you the victory!

When you’re not sure what may occur imagine the best not the worst for when worry pollutes your imagination there is longer space to birth God’s creation. Imagine the best inspite of what you see because what you believe is what you’ll receive

There is a boy he’s only three it should be sad that he cannot see but instead he brings such joy to me smiling and smiling endlessly. Another child in a chair can’t walk but she seems to rise when she starts to talk. Head to the sky, sun in her back, stars in eyes, she seems to rise, to her best friend can’t hear a thing and with her fingers she tries to sing, unaware of her songful heart that in lifes chorus she has her part, her life is a sweet melody the whole world loves to hear and see children with beauty of another kind the sun in all it’s glory cannot out shine. Tell me my friend come what ma,y will you let your beauty shine today?

I see you peach atop the tree peering down ripe and sweet in my heart I long to rise just to have you as my prize to taste your love ripe and sweet then you become a part of me. Im here to catch you should fall down so you’re not found upon the ground beauty tarnished with spots of brown.

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